SkyePoint Snapshots

Behind every SkyePoint Employee is a story to tell. That’s why each month, a photo is chosen to highlight a journey, a memory, an old favorite or even a new favorite place.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then our calendar has a lot to say!

January 2021 Winner

Photo by Al K.
Black Hills, South Dakota

“I took that picture on a very rainy day while on a motorcycle trip with my father and brother in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Really crazy as a) we were on our motorcycles and easily “accessible,” and b) this wolf was huge and just lackadaisically wandering down the middle of the road.” 

Past Winners

January 2020
Jessie G. – Victor, West Virginia

February 2020
Bill W. – Key West, Florida

March 2020
Elisabeth L. – Washington, DC

April 2020
Ray S. – Chantilly, Virginia

June 2020
Jeri H. – Cinque Terre, Italy

July 2020
Kelly Q. – Phuket, Thailand

August 2020
Mohammed I. – Rajshahi, Bangladesh

September 2020
Richie R.

November 2020
Sonya B. – Santorini, Greece

December 2020
Kristen W. San Juan, Puerto Rico