Agile Agency

SkyePoint’s Agile Agency Solutions involve a highly collaborative, user-centric approach to take the industry’s best ideas and turn them into actionable, rapidly adapting solutions that focus on improved data accessibility and cost-effective enhancement of legacy applications.

How Does SkyePoint Design Solutions with Agility, UX, and Accessibility in Mind?

Agile/Scrum Approach to Development

Our Scrum Masters, Engineers, and Developers apply requirements engineering, design, and implementation to collaboratively create minimally viable products, and then repeat through sprints to continuously refine and test until the requirements and user needs are met. We deliver by valuing individuals and interactions over processes and tools; working software over comprehensive documentation; customer collaboration over contract negotiation; and responding to change over following a plan.

User-Centered Design | Digital Focus
Arguably the most important facet of designing solutions is to keep the User Experience (UX) as the focus forefront. Identifying needs, typical uses of content, and requirements helps to focus solutions and evaluations to create a system that satisfies both need and experience. SkyePoint excels in designing solutions with custom code development and modernization as well as the development of collaborative web and SharePoint solutions.

Enterprise Capabilities
The solution designs are based on modern application platforms, agency resources, and agency enterprise goals. SkyePoint provides cost-effective software maintenance and enhancement of legacy applications to maintain existing capabilities while paying mind to the cost-effective use of resources appropriate for modernization. The mission always comes first!

Enhanced Security
Our Solutions design enhanced security and functionality as part of the foundation for each application element. We modernize and maintain legacy code as well as provide for an appropriate and timely migration to the cloud. We also provide for enhanced application security and through security integration in the development process, we deliver velocity for Agencies to achieve ATO.

The SkyePoint Difference in Software Development
(Agile Agency)

As a trusted Federal Government provider, SkyePoint Decisions provides the best people, modern capabilities, and best-in-class processes to deliver job success and customer satisfaction. We partner with other industry providers as appropriate to fill technology niches and scale in areas such as DEVSECOPS, CI/CD pipeline development environments, and SAFe. We know where we excel and where our Industry Partners can best support us to help us realize mission-focused success. Above all, we deliver what we promise as demonstrated at DCAA, DHS, DOS, EPA, and the IRS.

Benefits to Customers

  1. Small Business Innovation and responsiveness
  2. Cost-effective use of resources appropriate to modernization and/or maintenance
  3. Enhanced security and functionality designed into the development process
  4. Appropriate and timely migration to the cloud
  5. Enhanced application security and velocity to ATO
  6. Enhanced internal and external collaboration
  7. New enterprise capabilities based on modern application platforms
  8. Deep relationships with Large and Small Busines Vendors to deliver niche SW Dev capabilities and proven commercial applications

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