Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering


Federal agency CISOs, ISSOs, and CIOs cannot afford to have an IT security breach . . . your mission is simply too critical. Cybersecurity is often the single most important challenge in protecting our nation’s assets.

At the same time, skilled staffing shortages, limited funding, and “compliance for compliance sake” can drive operational decisions that sub-optimize achieving proactive enterprise security.

Do you have these challenges?


For over 10 years, SkyePoint has delivered compliance and operational assurance through effective engineering, operations, and management. We are not just “checking the box” for security compliance. We help ensure secure and successful mission delivery through integration of disparate systems and agency components while helping you transition from a reactive to proactive posture – all while avoiding large-scale breaches and incidents.

  • 24x7x365 operational support to enable your critical mission operations
  • Innovative and advanced cybersecurity architecture, engineering, and deployment
  • Advanced cybersecurity protection through threat hunting, threat intel, zero trust, forensics, High Value Assets (HVA) and Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (RVA)
  • Operations driven compliance that results in solutions that easily pass compliance checks while providing high assurance of security
  • Robust cybersecurity operations tailored to your unique environment
  • Right-sized cybersecurity and data solutions appropriate to your risk and threat environment


  • Vulnerability Management and Remediation
  • Cloud Security
  • Mobility (MDM)
  • Zero Trust
  • Forensics
  • Operations (SOC)
  • Penetration Testing


  • We think ahead, informed by strong knowledge of our clients’ environment and proactively protecting against threats before they damage the enterprise or agency reputation.
  • Our approach enables rapid response to emerging threats, with large-company processes and small company agility.
  • We provide great people who execute to the mission parameters.
  • We enable your compliance through sophisticated tools, processes, and solutions.
  • We have the experience to execute based on our success at the Department of State, Environmental Protection Agency, and other government agencies.


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SkyePoint provides 24x7x365 situational awareness across the cyber lifecycle

SkyePoint provides daily threat hunting for the CISO and Head of Agency

SkyePoint provides architecture and engineering strategy and advice

SkyePoint delivers blue team and penetration testing for a major Agency’s enterprise networks

SkyePoint designs dynamic threat intel capabilities using national sources like US-CERT and NVD

SkyePoint offers solutions for cyber operations, engineering, architecture, and continuous diagnostics


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