Applications Development and Maintenance


Today’s CIO, Applications Directors, and CISOs continue developing and securing sophisticated new operational capabilities for the mission.

At the same time, modernization of legacy systems and increasing cybersecurity requirements are challenging mission delivery.

Is your agency struggling to adapt?


For over 10 years, SkyePoint has provided support to mission-critical applications solutions, which leverage our in-depth knowledge of specific client missions. We are a trusted provider that solves problems proactively providing the best resources to execute the job. We deliver what we promise and prove that resolve every day at the Defense Contract Audit Agency, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, and the Department of Treasury.

  • Custom code development and greenfield modernization based on our understanding of your unique mission constraints and requirements
  • Sophisticated testing of application functionality and security, including ATO using automated tools and expert testers
  • Cost-effective software maintenance and enhancement of legacy applications, with sophisticated tools and processes drawn from industry best practices
  • Development of collaborative web and SharePoint solutions to enable your client-facing and internal digital enterprise


  • Applications Security
  • DevSecOps
  • C#, .net, Java
  • SharePoint
  • Assurance and Compliance
  • Data Security
  • Sophisticated Automated and Manual Testing
  • SAFe, Agile, and Scrum Development Frameworks
  • Application Migration to the Cloud
  • Web Technology


  • Our solutions provide applications capabilities with security built in, not added on.
  • We deliver external and internal collaborative capabilities, with new enterprise solutions based on modern applications platforms.
  • We are a trusted provider that delivers the best people for the job, irrespective of company or partner affiliation – with cost effective use of resources appropriate to the life cycle of the application.
  • We execute where we are strong and do not try to be “all things to all people.”
  • We deliver what we promise as demonstrated at Defense Contract Audit Agency, Department of Treasury, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of State.


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SkyePoint augments the client’s staff to sustain a critical legacy platform

SkyePoint provides full life-cycle support of complex mission applications

SkyePoint saves substantial client resources on an enterprise-wide .NET project

SkyePoint delivers end-to-end testing with lower error rates and better use of O&M funds

SkyePoint uses modern tools to integrate legacy web services with future requirements

SkyePoint provides development and maintenance of an Agency-wide data environment


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