We’ve Got Moxie – Cultivating “Boldness in Business”

The Philosophy Permeates Our Culture and Everything We Do

SkyePoint Decisions, Inc. (SkyePoint) has been announced as a 2022 finalist for the prestigious Moxie Award, an annual award that honors the accomplishments and achievements of growing businesses, nonprofits, and associations in the DC metro community, for the second year in a row. Organizations are recognized for having demonstrated boldness and innovation as an integral part of their growth strategy – exemplifying the Moxie Award’s “Celebrating Boldness in Business™” philosophy making the DC metro area a great place to do business but also to live, thrive and play.

This demonstrated boldness and innovation is part of the driving force that propels SkyePoint’s corporate philosophy that impacts how we operate, invest in our employees, contribute to our community, and, most importantly, achieve meaningful results for our customers.’

After our Moxie Award interview, we wanted to share some of SkyePoint’s key factors to achieving “Boldness in Business.”

Day-to-Day Operations

Our leadership team, staff, and consultants are bold in their daily tasks. Everyone –

from our executive team to administrative support staff – go beyond what is expected and approach our work from a future-minded perspective.

The combination of our “Gray Matter” thought leadership coupled with trusted, proven, leading-edge tools has led to some of the most innovative cybersecurity solutions on the market today. For example, SkyePoint’s Threat Predict solution, combining leading AI/ML platforms with our experience in cyber monitoring and detection, is a bold, forward-thinking approach to solving unique challenges in cyber, data, and IT communities.

Investment in Employees

We are bold in the unique ways we invest in our employees.

  • We actively and continuously seek opportunities to develop each individual within our organization, and help to chart a path for professional growth.
  • SkyePoint offers Certification Incentive Program to promote professional development while recognizing and rewarding employees who obtain new certifications aligned with the needs of our customers and forecast future demands and technologies.
  • Not only do we encourage internal growth at SkyePoint, but our Referral Program also supports sharing networks and opportunities through vouched for candidates.
  • SkyePoint encourages employees to take part in corporate outings and recreational “breaks” such as spending the afternoon at a Washington Nationals MLB baseball game in SkyePoint’s box seats.
  • We promote a culture of appreciation through acknowledgement and recognition, no matter how big or small the achievement.

Giving Back to Our Local Community

SkyePoint is bold in gratitude and going big! This philosophy instills a positive mindset that carries over to all we do. We believe gratitude in our professional environment reinforces a positive work life balance and corporate culture.

We are active in our communities nationwide and support giving back to our veterans, children, family organizations, and local food pantries. SkyePoint host events and encourage all staff to come together, in-person or virtually, to volunteer and give back to our community for causes we hold dear, such as the Play Defeats Cancer Tour in partnership with Roc Solid Foundation, Meal Packing Plans for Food for Others’ P3 Power Pack Food Drive and AARP’s Meal Pack Challenge, and Toys For Tots.

Results Achieved for Our Customers

We are bold in our commitment to our customers. SkyePoint is a trusted partner of both federal civilian and defense agencies, providing tailored, reliable solutions and successfully executing unique customer requirements. SkyePoint is proud of its proven track record of operational and technical distinction and is committed to delivering excellence to ensure our customers’ mission and business success.

SkyePoint leverages our development environment to prove-out solutions for customers and drive additional innovation to reduce time to ATO for applications from both development and information assurance aspects. We are passionate about delivering exceptional architecture and engineering, integration, software development, and 24x7x365 operations and maintenance (O&M) services to our customers.

SkyePoint is an established ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified small business and appraised at CMMI Level 3 with SAM for Services.

How Do Some of SkyePoint’s Team Members Define this “Boldness in Business” Philosophy Set Forth by the Moxie Award?

As you can see, the “boldness in business” philosophy is the heart and driving force of everything we do. Here is how some of our team members define boldness:

Frank Sturek, President

  • The desire to compete to bring value to new customers because we know we can do better than the status quo.
  • Developing talent from within the company to deliver innovative and compelling solutions for our customers and not outsourcing it.
  • Taking the time and having the awareness to begin each day in gratitude for the team we have, the mission we support, and the future we can shape.

Heather Conigliaro, Chief Operations Officer:

  • Beyond thinking outside of the box – it is to confidently create a competitive advantage in unchartered waters.
  • Making a huge impact with humility and grace while bringing service to the consumer in a novel and innovative manner.
  • Not simply performing at a level above a competitor but fostering and upholding the corporate mission and values when competition is most fierce.

Al Kelly, Operations Manager:

  • The personal need to pursue the objectives that are needed regardless of how challenging they may be.
  • Accomplishing the tasks that you know are right and ethical even though it’s not easy and it may not be the most popular course of action.
  • An unwavering commitment that few maintain when the path is faced with challenges, objections, or a lack of support.

Boldness Pays Off

Not only does being having a “boldness in business” philosophy benefit our employees, customers, and community, but is has helped SkyePoint earn the distinction of being recognized as a 2022 Moxie Award finalist for the GovCon (100-199 Employees) category. We look forward to the upcoming ceremonies this Fall.