Staying Compliant in Times of Necessity

Technology continues to pave the way toward the future at an increasingly fast pace. More so now that companies find themselves pivoting to an extended work-from-home or hybrid situation. Alongside that pivot comes the need for increased digital security for all involved in the sharing of information online (in basic terms, everyone).  Video calls to shared documents, digital information is constantly at risk. Yet how does a business combat the safety of information with the need for employee safety? While contracts don’t stop and work must continue, companies are scrambling to find solutions to patch potential breach opportunities instead of looking ahead toward long-term, sustainable solutions.

To combat this, we have compiled our suggestions for keeping your company compliant in a time of high need.

Read your contracts:

Often times there are specific guidelines for meeting compliance requirements throughout the duration of a contract. If not, our suggestion is to default to best practice. The stronger and more sustainable the security plan, the better protected a company’s data. If you are unsure of the requirements or how to implement them, seek advice from an expert. They can help to define parameters and suggest solutions that meet the needs of your company and your contract.

Know Your Risk:

Be aware of your system’s abilities and vulnerabilities from end-to-end, and prepare to make adjustments as situations change. If your leadership does not have a finger on the pulse of your company’s digital and cyber security, you’re primed for an incident. At the start of 2020, companies had no idea what was in store for the months ahead and as such, many became complacent in their current systems. The saying may be “ignorance is bliss” but not in federal contracting. You’re required to know your responsibilities, fix holes, and operate efficiently at all times.

Be Proactive: 

Simply checking the compliance and security boxes are no longer enough. The ability to move a company from a reactive state to one that is proactive allows for the nimble flexibility and action required for federal contracting work. Know your unique environment, and if most of your workforce worked on a government site with GFE, implement a solution that incorporates the security, standardization, and high-impact capabilities that provides the necessary agility for your customer.

At SkyePoint, we develop solutions that fit your company, and/or those of your customer specifically. Not only do we provide the architecture for a system we also engineer and deploy those solutions to help you avoid large-scale breaches and incidents. We work to drive solutions that meet compliance requirements alongside a high assurance of security. To find out how SkyePoint Decisions can help you design, develop, manage, and operate your cybersecurity more efficiently, contact us below!

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