SkyePoint Threat Predict

What Makes It Different?

Typically, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) cyber threat prediction solutions are configured to address known threats and issues. They commonly utilize ML that are programed to be on the lookout for previously identified tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Threat Predict Overview

Threat Predict, built on the TIBCO Spotfire® platform, utilizes AI/ML to identify and prevent both known and unknown vulnerabilities and threats to enterprise environments. Through testing and research, SkyePoint engineers recognized the advantages of strong ML concepts and leveraged them through a collaborative effort between human analysts and AI. This resulted in a significant increase of qualified data obtained, allowing cyber analysts to better identify new and/or unique TTPs, often in a shortened period of time.

Threat Predict Advantage

Traditional solutions lean towards a broad, automated approach to cybersecurity threat prediction by monitoring for and addressing areas where known threats have or may occur. Threat Predict is different because it utilizes AI/ML combined with a “Human in the Loop” approach to identify suspicious patterns and legitimate anomalies tailored to your agency’s specific mission and risk profile, thus addressing areas where traditional AI/ML approaches may fall short.

SkyePoint’s collaborative approach assigns a Cybersecurity SME (subject matter expert) from our team to work alongside your cybersecurity resources, enabling us to train the Unsupervised and Supervised models to specifics related to your environment. Threat Predict utilizes AI/ML in conjunction with human input and interaction to develop a baseline of what is happening in your particular environment and identifying what “normal” looks like for you. Once this is established, our SMEs evaluate the data and uses our signature “Tag and Learn” approach to train the models based on identified anomalies that could be indicative of a threat lurking on the horizon.

Threat Predict is able to pull and process an extraordinary amount of data, while at the same time limiting what your Cybersecurity analysts must examine. Proactively identifying and targeting what needs to be reviewed and providing actionable intelligence reduces the time and manpower needed to identify potential vulnerabilities. This, in turn, helps decrease threats while promoting enhanced efficiency throughout your secured operations center.

Leverage the Power of the Next Generation of Cyber Security Prediction

Preventing known threats is no longer enough to keep you protected. We believe SkyePoint provides a unique approach to threat prediction by leveraging the advantages of the human/AI/ML relationship to identify both known and unknown vulnerabilities. The mere volume of logs and events often present a significant challenge for security teams. Our approach defines what “normal” looks like for your organization then utilizes ML trained to the specifics of your environment, along with predictive analysis, to provide the needed context and information for your analysts to be a step ahead of adversaries. This is designed to save time and money while significantly reducing your threat risk.

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