Forward-Thinking Innovators Revolutionizing the Technology Space

Forward-Thinking Innovators

As SkyePoint continues to provide superior services and support, we have a front row seat to watch our customers enhance their capabilities and productivity. We help federal agencies be able to maintain their legacy systems, migrate to cloud services, and develop new proficiencies utilizing the latest in high performance, scalable, secure coding practices. The needs of our customers in relevance to the latest trends are always on the forefront of our minds. SkyePoint’s forward-thinking philosophy allows us to provide highly qualified and skilled development resources while we continue to explore opportunities to leverage the latest advanced technologies and processes to address the needs of our customers.

The “Sandbox”

We are intentional about the developers we partner with and seek out companies producing the most advanced technology and solutions. We establish new software proving grounds and development factories for our cloud and software engineers to dig into the technical bells and whistles that make these products shine. We push a couple hundred million lines of data through them to see how the products perform and explore the specific settings that dial them in for a particular customer’s environment. Once we experience new features firsthand in our “sandbox”, we develop a customized plan to serve the unique needs of each customer.

Proven Technology Integration

Since most of our current customers are on or moving toward an Azure solution, we chose to start crafting this technology playground with Azure resources.  In fact, we have been managing tasks and code with Azure DevOps for one customer for three years, so the basics of that service are known.

Starting with a dozen or so virtual machines with varying managed disk options and Azure DevOps to bridge the people to the cloud technology, SkyePoint has developed the capability to explore the benefits of different Agile processes such as Kanban, Scrum Lean and SAFe.  We are also building out immutable infrastructure via Infrastructure-as-Code and CI/CD pipelines – along with automated code quality and security testing – to increase reliability, consistency, and security of deployments. 

Automation of security controls, remediation of findings, and audit evidence gathering is another area of exploration we are eager to begin. We have installed in a “sandbox” our Threat Predict solution built on the suite of TIBCO products designed to apply Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning (ML) models to enable the identification of new Tactic, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP). We actively troubleshoot scenarios with wider access to the environment controls, configurations, settings, and security than may be possible in a customer’s environment. We also have been experimenting to learn if low-latency storage solutions like Aerospike offer enhanced benefits to this service.

Impressive Return-On-Investment

Investing in our people and capabilities position SkyePoint to provide even more advanced technology solutions. Strong industry partners like, TIBCO, IPKeys, CyberRes and others will help SkyePoint continue our nearly 14-year tradition of providing superior service to our customers with a focused and forward-looking vision to revolutionize the technology space.

If you would like to learn more about how our innovative approach can help you advance to the next level, we encourage you to contact us today.