Mature, Capable, Experienced

Since 2009, SkyePoint Decisions has been a leader in delivering cybersecurity governance, risk management and compliance services to the Federal Government as a Prime Contractor. We are headquartered in Dulles, VA with operations across the United States.

We Specialize in 4 Core Areas:

  • Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering
  • Critical Infrastructure and Operations
  • Applications Development
  • Maintenance IT Services

SkyePoint’s Department of Education, Office of Federal Student Aid prime contract delivers oversight and administration of risk management and compliance for over 70 FISMA-reportable systems, protecting the financial information of 100M+ families filing for Student Aid, thousands of lending institutions, and tens of thousands higher learning institutions

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Our Strengths:

  • We are experts in the leading tools in the RMF domain including CSAM, Xacta, Archer, ServiceNow GRC, and eMASS.
  • We support ISSOs, SOs, and SAs for more than 200 FISMA-reportable and close to 1,000 non-FISMA-reportable systems across three classification levels.
  • Our team trained over 500 Federal Government users on CSAM and continue to provide training to new and existing users daily


Collectively, as a company and as individuals, our values guide the way we work with our clients, business partners, our communities and with each other. Our values are part of our DNA.



Mission-Focused, Committed, & Flexible Provider


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